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New Blog

Wow, I haven't blogged in forever. Foreverrrr. The truth is, I have never before blogged on my professional photography website. So why start now?

Short answer: well, its more of a long answer, so keep reading ;)

As entrepreneurs, business owners, and creatives it so important that we get out from behind our businesses and show our clients and community who are we are. Connect. When I make a purchase, 10 out of 10, I love knowing something about the company I buy from. I love purchasing from a brand that does great and makes me feel great. That is also the experience my clients value. They want to know the brand and person behind the brand that is going to make their experience exceptional.

So, Cincinnati, here we are. Let's dive into this blog thing together.

I'll start with a quick introduction. I'm Bonnie. I'm CEO, show runner, lead photographer, and founder at Bonnie Phillips Photography. I have had a camera in my hand for as long as I can remember.

As a kid, I poured over my family's National Geographic magazines, soaking in every detail of every photograph.

As a teen, I found my passion for black and white prints in the darkroom. I loved wandering all over town with my Dad's old SRL camera, capturing whatever I could before I ran out of film.

In my twenties, I left a job I didn't love right before I was slotted to get a big promotion. I was a little lost as an newly unemployed newlywed. So I started a blog to document our time and travels while my husband and I lived in Atlanta, GA. Check out this gem - still around today! ---->

From that *little* blog, I landed a dream opportunity internship with a top Atlanta

photographer. I loved photographing all over the city, all hours of the day, it was incredible. It was bittersweet to leave Atlanta, but when we moved to the Cincinnati, OH I launched my own business.

I have been an entrepreneur since before it was cool, established 2013. My business has grown and I have met some of the most amazing people. All the while, raising two beautiful little souls who are young enough to think I'm still cool, but just barely.

Also, I kept a cool family blog during nap times - Life on Overton

So, to sum it all up, I am a headshot, branding, and portrait photographer in Cincinnati, OH and I would love to connect. I am passionate about making our communities better and capturing memories for the next generations to love for years to come.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today. I would love to hear your story and I am here if you want to capture it.



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