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Updated: May 5

*All images in this article were taken in my studio, not by AI.

Recently, photographer Peter Hurley, led an interesting discussion about AI headshots.

Several companies are offering AI headshots for about $30. Turn around time in a business day or less. So should professional headshot photographers be worried?

Not exactly.

Here's my take. The price point and connivence of AI headshots will certainly appeal to some. Just like in the food and beverage industry where restaurants operate at all different $$$ -- I think there will continue to be a demand for headshots at every budget . For now, I am likening AI headshots to fast food restaurants. Quick and convenient. Is it the best service or the best quality? Probably not.

Will be an audience for AI headshots? Sure. But there will still be a strong demand from those seeking quality professional experiences with real results. If you are interested in getting a freshly updated headshot, click here to book.

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