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Best Catch of the Day

Last week, my husband Kris took my son Keller out fishing in our neighborhood. I was wrapping up a few things at the house, then I grabbed my camera and headed down to the ponds.

The summer sunlight was golden and delicious. Hanging low over the trees, the evening sun was splashing everything in it's path with a luxurious golden glow. Summer has arrived.

The boys were casting their lines and reeling them back in. A nice gentle breeze kept things comfortable as the crickets started to sing and chirp. The excitement of an 8 year old boy catching a fish cut through the summer night. Things suddenly changed from peaceful and serene to next level excitement and big fish energy.

Catch and release. The fish splashed back in the water and swam off. Another hotdog on the hook, and back to that peaceful casting and reeling.

Kris and Keller caught 5 fish that night. I maintain that the best catch of the day was when Keller jumped off the bench and straight into Kris's loving arms. Summer perfection.

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